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Chameleon, Chameleon

Danger lurks everywhere as the ever-cautious chameleon braves strange-looking geckos and poisonous scorpions in search of a new home. But the journey's end brings him a juicy meal - and a new friend, too. Join the colorful chameleon in this appealing tropical forest adventure.

Forest Explorer

Explore the exciting world of the forest, where more than 125 different bugs, worms, and small critters play out the drama of life in miniature.

Backyard Detective

Young nature detectives will spy more than 100 different spiders, snakes, wasps, and beetles busy hiding, prowling, eating and getting eaten.  Inviting informational spreads identify all the animals in an appealing, contagiously enthusiastic text that lets readers in on neat tips and facts.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Look at nature with a whole new set of eyes!  Here is an exciting new way to see the natural world.  Join the adventure as one plucky red-eyed tree frog searches for something to eat, and avoids the many dangers of the rain forest.  There are tempting but poisonous caterpillars and hungry boa snakes ready to swallow little tree frogs!



The Secrets of Animal Flight

This educational, easy-to-understand book explains how different animals are able to fly.  Colorful, high-speed photographs of animals in flight bring the text to life.

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