Nic Bishop

Author  and  Photographer

of Nature  Books  for  Children

Scientist in the Field Series

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Nic Bishop Animal Series

Adult Nonfiction

New Zealand Wild

Enjoy a visual feast of New Zealand vibrant landscapes and wildlife.

From the Mountains to the Sea

Nic Bishop's photographs portray the visual wonder of nature, on a journey from the mountains to the sea.

New Zealand Wildflowers

With concise text and clear photographs, this books provides an ideal guide to identifying New Zealand wildflowers

Natural History of

New Zealand

This comprehensive book details New Zealand's natural history on an ecosystem basis, from the deep ocean to the mountain tops.

Untouched Horizons

After years of tramping in New Zealand's remotest landscapes, Nic Bishop  has created a compelling photo-essay of South Island wilderness.

Text and Images - Copyright Nic Bishop