Nic Bishop Marsupials

“This inviting title pairs some remarkable photos with a wealth of intriguing facts.”  Booklist Starred Review


“This is a book to wow young audiences.”  School Library Journal, Starred Review


Junior Library Guild Selection

Text and Photographs by Nic Bishop

Scholastic ISBN 0439877589

Marsupial Notes


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Research Bibliography


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The following books are some that were helpful in my research.  Most are academic and may require interloan from a University library.  None are written for children.


Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe.  2005.  Life of Marsupials.  CSIRO Publishing.  A classic, updated in 2005, this large volume is the reference for those researching marsupials.


Terence J. Dawson.  1995.  Kangaroos - Biology of the largest marsupial.  Cornell University Press.  Written by an internationally known researcher, who studied the energetics of kangaroo locomotion at Harvard University.


Stephen Jackson.  2007.  Koala - origins of an icon.  Allen and Unwin.  A comprehensive history and biology of everything koala.


David Owen, David Pemberton.  2006.  Tasmanian Devil - a unique and threatened animal.  Allen and Unwin.


Christopher Dickman, Rosemary Woodford Ganf.  2007.  A Fragile Balance - the extraordinary story of Australian marsupials.  Thames and Hudson.  The art is inspired and there is much to inform here.


Tim Flannery.  2004.  Chasing Kangaroos - a continent, a scientist, and a search for the world’s most extraordinary creature.  Grove Press.  A great author.  Easily the most entertaining of all the books I researched.


Anne Kerle.  2001.  Possums: the brush tails, ringtails and greater glider.  University of New South Wales Press.



Text and Images - Copyright Nic Bishop